Commencing operations in early 2015, Budget Electrical & Mechanical, INC has a simple but distinct mission: to provide high quality contracting services to General Contractors, Government Entities, Businesses and Individuals. Through superior client service, coordinated installations, sound accounting, reporting, procurement and organizational practices; our objective is to address, facilitate, and account for the unique needs of our clients, delivering a fully functional guaranteed product.



Headquartered in Palmyra, Virginia, Budget E&M strives to provide the highest quality electrical and mechanical work at the lowest possible price to all of Central Virginia. Our vision is to eventually replace the present corporate model with one that is very streamline with maximum productivity in our related field. We intend to establish a 9 to 1 field to office ratio, where everyone in the company is in touch personally to what we provide on the job site. We strongly desire to make “Budget” into an entity where all our employees look forward to coming to work each day. We will be just as strongly committed to having our clients look forward to seeing us arrive on the job site each day.


Message from the Company Founder:

Budget E&M plans to be your “go to” trades contractor. Working with a nine pound hammer mentality, but offering the precision and detail of a surgical knife, is how all the Budget E&M jobs will be run. We have a financial plan to allow our clients to cut 8 to 10% off their trade’s bill up front, and as our name states, high quality and great service need not cost a penny more.

Satisfied and happy employees make great trade products for your job site. Every time we will make this work for you, and at a price each “budget” will be able to live with.