Time & Material Rates

Effective July 1, 2023


$195.00 for up to two hours of labor plus the below material sales.


HOURLY RATES (After two hour minimum)

Per Service Technician Crew

$95 per hour or fraction thereof.



Engineering Design pool (hardware, software, power)  

$105 per hour or fraction thereof.



General electrical material items, subcontractors, all expenditures.


(cost includes our cost of the product or expense, tax, and shipping).


TRAVEL (where applicable)

Auto and vehicle expenses

  1. a) Within a 45 mile radius of Palmyra VA: No additional charge.
  2. b) For work in areas out of the above territory:   $.46 per mile for gas expense. (subject to negotiation)

Travel Allowances

Our employees will arrive at any site within the normal 45 mile range of Palmyra VA at 7:00 AM and leave at 3:30 PM if working (5) eight hour days. For out of town work, they will work four 10 hour days. The clock starts at the 45 mile limit on eight hour or longer jobs.

Overnight (employee travel) expenses

Per diem expenses will be charged at the rate of $98 per day at a minimum. If per diem exceeds $98, receipts will be attached to the bill, plus 15%. (allows: $63 motel, $9 Breakfast or Lunch, $17 supper).

Overtime and Double-Time

Employees receive overtime after normal hours and Saturdays, which is billed at 1-1/2 times the posted rate, or double time after the standard Saturday workday, and on Sundays and Holidays, which is billed as 2 times the posted rate.



Net is due within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice, and our invoice reflects this as “Net due upon receipt”. No retainage is allowed to be withheld unless previously agreed upon or written within our contract. Interest may be applied at BUDGET E&Ms option at the monthly rate of 1-1/2% percent, compounded monthly for invoices that exceed the terms of this agreement. If collection services or legal fees and expenses are resorted to for collection, the fees will be 33% of the balance plus interest plus all expenses.


BUDGET E&M offers a one year warranty on all parts provided and labor provided that the material and installation will be free of defects, or it will be replaced/repaired at no charge. The extent of this warranty is limited to the extent of the warranty offered by the manufacturer (e.g. Light bulbs will cease to operate after a certain number of hours of operation. This may be more or less than one year. If the bulbs are defective, they will be replaced at no charge. If they cease to operate after they have reached their service life, but less than a year, the warranty is to be considered as satisfied).

Included in the labor rate

* Mandated burden (FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and workman’s compensation).

* Perks and benefits (vacations, holidays, hospitalization)

* All standard vehicles and service trucks.

* All standard insurance. (inclusive of a million dollar umbrella).

* All normal overhead and profit.

* All standard tools required in electrical construction.

(Nonstandard tools would be items that are usually subcontracted to the specialty trades, such as core drilling, trenching and earth work, welding, cranes and lifts, specialty vehicles like boom trucks and dump trucks, office and storage trailers, etc.).